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Turkana communal land and LAND BILL 2012

March 20, 2012

Turkana communal land and LAND BILL 2012

Turkana Technical Network brief presentation on land bill 2012 at Lodwar.
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  1. munyes joseph permalink

    The turkana technical network presentation on land bill 2012 was actually a blessing because it just expounds how land ownership in our county should be and is much intact as was.With the current oil discovery, we need to prepare ourselves over this as we know that the resource might be a white elephant project just the way Turkwel gorge power project has been a thorn in our flesh. How many people have lost their lives in Lorokon over the dispute and Turkana County Council has never received a coin from the project revenue? The issue is border dispute. For oil ,it will be the resource management bill which the national government would want to enforce at the expense of the county government.Turkana County must be prepared to use the historical injustices given now that stories are coming out that the discovery was not done this Monday but years back.I suspect the Loperot land deal mentioning the former powerful energy minister during Moi era will resurface as sour deals have just resurfaced.The new dispensation should be handled soberly now that the powers to be have seen the milking cow giving birth to a calve.Take care they don’t hurriedly push for laws at the detriment of the communities in which the resources have been discovered.Imagine Murungis smile, what does it portray? Read the case pitting Wetangula’s law firm and PS energy, Nyoike. You will learn more with time.

  2. A magnificent article. I’ll be sure to subscribe to the rest of your posts! Thanks 🙂

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